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Grasso's Family Staff

Welcome to Grasso’s where the word “Family” is treasured throughout our staff. As you look around the restaurant, you can be sure that every one of our staff had a hand in making it as beautiful as it is. From the paint on the walls, the seasonal decorations (that’s all Mary by the way!), to hanging the new lighting and of course its cleanliness. Everyone who works here contributes whole heartily to the success of Grasso’s. And why you say? Because of its fearless leader Gail Grasso. She has taken this small storefront restaurant in 1994 to become a beautiful dining establishment, all with the help of her trusted and longtime staff. You may not realize how long some of them have been here. Chef Tony, executive chef/partner and Mary, Senior Server, have been with Gail 25 years, Antonio, server also celebrates his 25th year with us, Mercedes, our Sous Chef, has been here 24 years, Armando, server 20 years, Reynaldo our cook 17 years, and Janet, operations manager 15 years, Brian, server 10 years and Shawn Williams, our level 2 sommelier 2 years. These are just some of our family names and positions taking care of your family for the last 25 years and hopefully for the next 25!!!

We’re not going to promise you the best food you ever had; you get that! We’re not going to promise you the best service; you get that too.  Our promise to you is that the Grasso’s Family will continue to give it our all, the food, the service, the live music and the same familiar and welcoming faces that you look for every time you walk through our door because frankly, that’s what we do best.